The Difference Between Social Media and Your Social Life!

Being a real estate agent, there are a few things that you need to do in order to be successful and being social is one of them.  However, a lot of people actually believe that their social life is exactly the same as social networking or their social media.  That is not true at all – there is a huge difference between social networking and your social life – you never want to mix the two either as that would be mixing your business with your own personal life.

Social networking is things like BNI or any of the social gatherings that you go to whenever you are trying to gain new prospects.  That is different from just hanging out with your friends and talking.  Another social networking medium that is very popular as of late is the internet.  Using things like Twitter, Facebook and even myspace is a great way to really connect to new clients.

That is most important when you are first starting out too – gaining not only new prospects but really connecting with them.

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